FashionElsa Hosk Looks Victoria's Secret's $1M Fantasy Bra

Elsa Hosk Looks Victoria’s Secret’s $1M Fantasy Bra


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Elsa Hosk was the fortunate Angel who had the opportunity to wear the 2018 Dream Angels Fantasy Bra, which was planned solely for the brand by Atelier Swarovski. I talked with Elsa to discover where precisely she was at the point at which she discovered the energizing news. She said:

$1M Fantasy Bra

“Indeed, it was a phony shoot that Victoria’s Secret set up. They essentially faked the shoot so they could interfere with it and draw out the bra to shock me. While I was in the shoot, they advised me, ‘Somebody’s here to see you.’ Then, somebody came out with a major plate with a crate on it, and I just continued reasoning, ‘What is happening?’ Because in my brain, I didn’t think I planned to get the bra – I thought, ‘It’s going to another person.’ from the beginning, I thought it was for my birthday and it was a birthday cake, however then I opened it and went ballistic. I tumbled to the floor simply shaking and shouting, ‘Wow!’ It was all so insane, and I was so energized.”


The shocking bra is esteemed at a faltering $1 million and was made utilizing 100% Swarovski precious stones and capably sourced topaz. Both the bra and the body chain are enhanced with more than 2,100 jewels fitted into a real silver Dream Angels bra outline. It took more than 930 hours to make and highlights more than 71 carats.

Out of the blue, you can get your hands on a comparable form of the lavish bra made with Swarovski gems for just $250 today on the web and in select stores. Look on to see pictures from the show ahead, and remember to set your cautions for Dec. 2 to watch the style show air on ABC.

It’s been a major week for Elsa Hosk. To begin with, she was talented in the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. A celebrated accomplishment in Angel land, the 1,000,000 dollar Atelier Swarovski jewel bra is the delegated wonder of Victoria’s Secret show and a tragic second for any yearning Angel. At that point, she praised an achievement birthday, turning 30 only days before her huge Fantasy Bra debut in Victoria’s Secret display.

Praising the “once in a blue moon opportunity” in a video with Vogue US, Elsa Hosk shared her Angel cosmetics as normal as any Angel would – in her bra. Furthermore, the initial phase in her excellence routine is a somewhat amazing one. “The main thing I do when beginning my cosmetics is presumably a few eyedrops just to awaken your eyes.” With a bra so substantial in precious stones, it’s close blinding, as per Hosk you need your blue eyes to shimmer, as well. “Particularly when wearing this bra you need your eyes to shimmer. Also, my eyes are consistently red in the light of the fact that my felines wake me up a ton.”


At that point, “some lip analgesic just to saturate.” A stunt all cosmetics specialists do – apply a salve toward the beginning of any cosmetics application to prepare and mollify the lips.

“As a Victoria’s Secret Angel you certainly need truly long and thick lashes,” she says while twisting her lashes with a rose gold eyelash curling iron, or as she calls it, “her closest companion.”

However, prior to getting her wings, Hosk really favored a more regular look. “Before I turned into a Victoria’s Secret Angel I never used to wear a lot of cosmetics, and afterward I got more established and understood a little cosmetics goes far.” Her Angel-refreshed routine presently incorporates two diverse shaded concealers. “You kind of need some hazier territories and some lighter inside.” She takes the lighter shade and applies little spots under the eye, around her Cupid’s bow and jawline, at that point continues with the more obscure tone “simply outwardly”, regions of the face which require profundity like the cheek. She mixes everything in with a BeautyBlender in hot pink (normally), to “truly get in there.”

With regards to her skin, she keeps up appearances can be misleading. “My skin isn’t impeccable incidentally, I truly battle with terrible skin a great deal… I actually get skin inflammation constantly.” For oneself announced skincare sweetheart, she cures boisterous skin with a persevering daily practice. “I do the entire thing, I purify twice, I never rest in cosmetics yet I truly trust it’s what you eat and what you put within.” So what does Elsa Hosk eat? “I attempt to eat truly solid and avoid dairy which will stop up pores and any poisons.”

Be that as it may, we as a whole realize the model Angel look boils down to the shine, and “the main piece of this look is to add a ton of sparkle and A LOT of highlighters.” So what is the mysterious item behind Hosk’s heavenly messenger gleam? Victoria’s Secret Just Say Glow Highlighter, a $25 featuring stick sent from the

sky, joined by the mantra: “Enough is rarely enough, you simply put it all on the line!”

The last venture is the eyes. She takes eyeshadow that resembles “precious stones” across the whole attachment, yet her definitive stunt is to “take it with your finger and press it onto the cover since it really makes it shimmer more… you simply go apeshit!” Apeshit with shimmer noted Elsa. Subsequent to going gung-ho with sparkle, her “total most significant piece of any cosmetics look is the eyebrows,” and she favors a pencil over powder as she prefers it to look normal. Hosk’s stunt for opening the eyes is to fill in the external tail of the temple and expand outwards, just as some shine to the inward corner of the eyes. She completes the look with a smooth of the dark fluid liner, which she says “in the event that you jumble up, you add more” (a cosmetics mantra intelligent of Victoria’s Secret overall, more will be more) and afterward heaps of mascara, “since who doesn’t need significant lashes?” Just add an overdrawn lip, and the famous Angel magnificence condition is arranged.

Heavenly messenger affirmed cosmetics by its new brilliant young lady Elsa Hosk: time to harmony, mope and welcome on the show.

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