TechnologyTesla airport transfer service in the UK

Tesla airport transfer service in the UK


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A new service called Driven operates a fleet of Tesla Model X SUVs to serve airports within the UK. The seven-seaters are often booked exclusively or on a rideshare basis with other passengers who live or work almost cuts costs significantly.

In fact, Driven says they encourage ridesharing actively, and this might indeed decrease costs for airport transfers considerably. consistent with the firm, booking one among the Tesla Model X with drivers (all full-time employees) means it can cost from just £9 per person for a 40-minute trip. Compare this to the Heathrow Express train in London that costs £15 at the best, usually more.

Driven says their services are available 24/7. Moreover, companies can use a travel management application that permits them to book trips. The tool also provides detailed reporting and tracking.

Mark Long, CEO at Driven, stated they “serve maximum important UK airports” and a quick test at the website (with out booking) showed simply that.

The UK’s first all-electric powered airport shuttle, Driven, has debuted its services.

Its vision is to require cars to airports off the road, replacing them with zero emission shuttles.

A new analysis of Civil Aviation Authority data by Driven has identified over 139 million passengers per annum pass by private car, taxi, minicab, or Uber to the UK’s 11 major airports.

This represents seventy two in step with cent of overall trips to airports consisting of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester.

The overwhelming majority of those aren’t in zero emission cars, causing harmful impact to local environments.

Based in this passenger range and a mean state of affairs of humans sharing a 20-mile airport journey for the duration of a ultra-modern Mercedes Benz E Class diesel saloon car, over 272,000 tonnes of tailpipe CO2 is emitted annually.


Driven operates a fleet of seven-seat Tesla Model X SUVs for accelerated environmental efficiency.

It offers a door-to-door service, either with exclusive use of the car, or Driven’s new booking technology can match your journey with other passengers who live or work near you, flying at an identical time to you.

This ride-sharing reduces the value for the general public to travel during a state-of-the-art luxury electric, making zero-emission road travel an opportunity for several for the primary time.

Advance booking, for instance at an equivalent time you book your flight, means it can cost from just £9 per person for a 40-minute trip.

Customers book their time and day and Driven collects them at their location during a silent, luxury, zero-emission vehicle.

Mark Long, chief executive at Driven, said: “We’re on a mission to vary the way people visit and from airports, by delivering journeys that are sustainable, affordable and enjoyable.

“With Driven, you’ll share your ride or go exclusive and that we serve most major UK airports.”

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