FashionRomantic Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day.


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Christmas is behind us, that New Year cheer is beginning to fade, and what’s that poking its head around the corner? Oh, yep, there’s Valentine’s Day. Like Marmite, some people like it, some people hate it. Because I’m sickeningly romantic and loved up, I fall under the previous category.

While I don’t think that you simply need at some point of the year to point out your beloved just what proportion you appreciate them, I really like an honest excuse to treat my boyfriend to something. Especially when those gifts are travel-themed. As a travel blogger, I’ve also received my justifiable share of travel-themed gifts within the past too. This suggests I’ve become quite the expert in providing great travel gift ideas.

Sometimes (read: always) you can’t afford a romantic five-star getaway to the Maldives. So your spouse will need to put up with one among these travel gift ideas that won’t break the bank an excessive amount as compared. This selection features all the romantic travel gift ideas your heart could possibly desire for girls, gents, and everything in between.

A Tinggly Valentine’s Day Experience Gift


This is one of my favorite travel gift ideas on this list. A Tinggly Valentine’s Experience Gift combines the liberty of gift experiences with the thrill of a present you’ll unwrap and hold in your hands. choose from a romantic break free or an experience box, from which your gift recipient can choose between many fun experiences across the planet. All are ideal for romantic quality time together!

However, one of my favorite things about Tinggly is its commitment to sustainability. All their gift boxes are produced from fully recycled materials and are printed using eco-friendly inks. Plus, for each gift experience, they offset CO2 carbon emissions by a whopping 200%. Pretty good, huh?

Detours with locals.
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7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the travel lover in your life
From cookbooks to virtual experiences, there are many ways to offer the gift of travel — albeit we’re stuck in reception.

(Margaret Flatley/For The Washington Post)
By Natalie B. Compton February 8
Loved and loathed, Valentine’s Day may be a holiday that will bring stress or joy counting on whom you ask. For some, that anxiety stems from struggling to seek out the proper gift for a beloved. If your beloved loves travel, you’ve come to the proper place.

While vaccine distribution may give us a lightweight at the top of the pandemic tunnel, it’s still not safe to be taking your Valentine on an enormous, romantic vacation (although you’ll plough ahead and plan one for the future). In the meantime, you’ll still appeal to their love of travel through a travel-related or travel-adjacent Valentine’s Day gift.

Here are some ideas to urge your brainstorming going.

Cookbooks, beach reads, and coffee-table books
Add something to your loved one’s bookshelf that reminds them of their favourite places. that would be a cookbook that captures a destination’s flavours and stories. There are great contemporary and classic travel reads, too, like “Into the Wild” or “Black Girl in Paris,” or beach reads like “Eat Pray Love.”

If your valentine doesn’t want to try to do much reading, try a book that supported their favourite travel memories like “Gray Malin: Italy” or “Patterns of India: A Journey Through Colors, Textiles, and therefore the Vibrancy of Rajasthan.”

Eating, drinking, and cooking


What did your valentine like to eat and drink on their favourite vacation? If they like to cook, special ingredients could also be the right gift.

Is your Valentine deeply dedicated to tahdig from Iran? Surprise them with Kashmiri saffron. Valentines who miss the flavours and aromas of Chengdu deserve the Spice Evangelist package from Fly By Jing. For those that fell for the coffee in Vietnam, Nguyen Coffee Supply sources premium arabica and robusta beans from Vietnam while supporting the socio-economic advancement of its producers.

The Spice Evangelist package. (Courtesy of Fly By Jing)
Maybe they have tools to re-create their favourite food from a past trip. that would be a molcajete from Mexico, a Japanese chef’s knife, or a Lao sticky rice steamer pot.

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